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Book Fair

Friday, April 17th

4 PM - 8 PM EST


Remember the excitement of a good ole' scholastic book fair when you were in 5th grade? The moment has finally come when you can relive the glory of your book fair days, except the adult quarantined version. Tune in for any of our events & amusements, win prizes and make friends! There will be 4 raffles and the winner of each raffle will receive any book of their choice free of charge!The exact schedule will be released in the week prior to the event. 

Events & Amusements

  • Author Interview: Conversation with Maisy Card on debut novel, These Ghosts Are Family

  • Novel Ideas: Discussion on the Importance of Fiction

  • AOS Podcast: History is Stranger Than Fiction

  • LCBC Virtual Book Club & Cocktails 

  • New Releases Q&A

  • How to Make a Literary Cocktail

  • Raffles & Trivia


You can win prizes in the raffles or the trivia contest. To be entered in the raffles, you must be pre-registered (RSVP on eventbrite on or before April 10th) and online when winners are announced. To participate in trivia, you only need to be online during the event (pre-registration not required). There will be four raffle winners, and four rounds of trivia with first, second and third place prizes. The raffle winners win any book of their choosing free of charge. Trivia prizes TBA.

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Come back soon for updates on:

  • Event Schedule

  • Books for sale

  • Merch & swag for sale

  • Trivia prizes

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