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See below for questions about joining, membership, payment, billing & other basics.

joining / application process

What is the process for signing up?

Click the Apply button in the menu & fill out the form. When you are approved you'll get an email with instructions about how to purchase a plan. 

Why do I have to be approved? 

Just like on other websites like AirBnB, we verify that people are who they say they are. In addition, we use a vetting process to make sure that people are a good fit for the book club. We are more likely to approve you if you provide more information about yourself and answer the questions in the form. Here are some things that may result in rejection, or could result in being banned. 

  • Social media posts that prove you are a creeper. Real example:  if you creepily took a picture of a woman behind her back because her bra was showing and wrote the caption "this turns me on," you wont be accepted. 

  • Social media posts that show you are prejudiced towards any group of people. Real example: Taking a picture of a woman in a male dominated workplace and writing the caption "The new lesbian employee at X."

  • Online troll tendencies

  • Lack of information in your application (i.e. skipping questions, not including any social media handles, not including a picture of yourself)

  • Display of arrogance & bullshit in your online presence (i.e. if you are a "Thought Leader" or a "serial startup guy" or if you are the brand of person that kills an animal and is proud of it and posts a picture of yourself with dead animal on social media)

  • Having an agenda. If you plan to join because you want to advertise your product, don't bother. However, if you sincerely are interested in book club and develop a relationship with us, you can be part of your community and "advertise" in a more natural way.

  • Saying something weird in your application. For example, if you write down that you "have a bad temper" then you will be rejected. (This is a real example). If you make a joke in the application that can be misinterpreted, don't say it.

  • Being under 21. We are not going to ask for proof of your age, but if you are in college, someone will probably reach out to confirm that you are 21 or older. This is just because we meet in bars and we don't want to have to deal with any situations.

  • Thinking that these rules are stupid, or that people are too sensitive. If you had that thought cross your mind while reading this section, you probably wont enjoy our book club either.


How many people usually attend each meeting/event?

Meetings are usually around 15 people. The ideal number of people is 10-15. The goal is to keep meetings under 20 people without having to make people go on a waitlist. Sometimes we have larger events that are held differently from a normal book club.

Where do we meet?

In bars and restaurants in NYC.

Are there any requirements for joining?

You must be over 21 years old because we frequently meet in bars.  Other than that there are no requirements aside from being a nice person. 

Is there an online component to this group? 

There will be virtual meetings during the COVID-19 situation. We may expand thereafter

What happens in a meeting?

The meeting starts out with introductions and a non-lame icebreaker. Discussion sheets are passed out. The host will use the prepared discussion questions to guide the meeting. 

So what exactly am I paying for?

You are guaranteed reliability, good people, organization, prepared discussion questions and access to other events. Also, as a member you can vote for the book of the month.

Is the host part of our group?

Yes, they will be the host for your group for every meeting, unless they are unable to attend. In that case there will be a different host.

What is the role of the host, and who will the host be for the meeting?

The role of the host is to get to the bar first, welcome everyone, lead the meeting & guide discussion. The hosts are people that have been members of LCBC and have prior experience leading discussions. 

membership / refund policY

Is the month to month membership an annual commitment?

It is not an annual commitment. You will be charged monthly and you can cancel your membership anytime. 

Do I have to go every month?

No. However, you won't get a refund if you decide not to come. You can always pause your membership though.

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