Literary Cocktailers Book Club

1) Get subscription BookBox in the mail every month.

2) Enjoy the book.

3) Discuss novel with other members virtually & IRL.
[COVID-19 update: All book club meetings will be virtual.]


How it works

Memberships comes with some or all of the following:

  1. monthly book box

  2. access to organized book club meetings

  3. discounted new paperbacks that can be purchased as add-ons to your box

  4. Access to other non-monthly events

  5. ability to participate in choosing the monthly book (we vote!)

The membership.

The box.

Each box comes with one paperback book (the winner of the monthly vote), a bookmark, and an introductory letter.

The book.

We mostly read literary fiction & classics. We don't read trash literature but we don't read James Joyce either. 

The book club.

We also meet in real life. All members must apply as everyone is vetted. Most people in the group are between the ages of 21-40. We are nice and normal people. We welcome all types of people except for intolerant or arrogant individuals.

Why join a book club

  • 01/

    Reading Is Sexy

    Yes, seriously. Reading is sexy, fun, cool & is good for your brain. Reading gives you stuff to talk about :-)

  • 02/

    Meeting new people is always a good idea

    #NoNewFriends is never a good idea unless you want to stay stuck with the same old perspective that you've had your whole life. You never know who you're gunna meet. Could be a new best friend, a future partner, maybe even a referral for your next job (ahem see next section). 

  • 03/


    The good news is that you don't have to actually "network." If you think about it, you're actually meeting all different types of people at book club. You end up developing deeper connections with these people than what you would get from surface level conversation. And when you ask for an introduction or referral it's actually not weird.


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